Cannabite the future of personalized Oral Health Care

There’s nothing more beautiful than a big healthy Natural smile. Billions of people around the globe are suffering from major untreated dental problems like tooth decay, gum diseases.
What if, Oral cavity and gum infections could be reversed? Cannabite is a project led by Dr. Veronica Stahl, researching and developing new products using medical cannabis
components to cure many problems that still point to tooth loss. Cannabite will bring agile interdisciplinary solutions to a combination of advanced biology tech and natural compounds.
Medical cannabis and its high potential for healing properties will lead to developments of historic impact in dentistry and oral health worldwide.
Cannabite – is a revolutionary oral health care solution that uses the active parts of the well-known Medical Cannabis to treat dental problems in a safe, effective and affordable manner.

We use only nonpsychoactive components, extracted from the Cannabis Plant. In our laboratories, we test extractions of several cannabis strains to identify the species that destroys most of the plaque bacteria and reduces efficiently inflammation related to any gum disease and bacterias. The revolutionary healing power of medical cannabis is sweeping the world…
Now we are introducing this revolutionary trend to dentistry -cannabis extracts not only killing bacteria but also causing teeth, gum, bone to regenerate and heal. None legalization in your country?
Don’t worry Cannabite developed several formulations with natural ingredients, that suit just for your oral biofilm. A medical breakthrough, you’re personalized toothpaste with Maximum Efficiency.
All in one secret, answered by The Cannabite Oral Care test kit. Having found the unique extract or compound best suited for your oral biofilm, we infuse it to create your personalized
toothpaste. Now you can brush your teeth confidently, knowing that with Cannabite, every person in the world will have that perfect, healthy, and unique smile.