Crowns and bridges

Restoring Your Smile


Understanding Crowns

Crowns and bridges serve as invaluable solutions to replace or restore teeth. Crafted with precision, they aim to emulate the natural shape and function of your original teeth and molars. Think of a crown as a protective cap tailored to fit seamlessly over an existing tooth or molar. Secured firmly with specialized adhesive, it helps the tooth reclaim its natural form and functionality.

When Should You Consider a Crown?

A crown might be the preferred choice in situations where

– A substantial portion of the tooth has chipped or broken off, rendering a filling unfeasible.

– There’s a need to enhance the aesthetic appearance, especially in cases of misshapen teeth or noticeable discolorations.

A dental bridge is a custom-made solution designed to replace one or more missing teeth or molars. It’s anchored on two ‘pillars’: teeth or molars situated on either side of the gap. The section of the bridge that fills the missing tooth space is often referred to as the ‘pontic’ or ‘dummy’. There are various types of bridges, such as the traditional bridge, the resin-bonded bridge, and the cantilever bridge.

A dental bridge is not only beneficial for enhancing chewing function and aesthetics but also plays a pivotal role in preventing adjacent teeth from shifting into the gap created by a missing tooth or molar.

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The Treatment Procedure

Typically, it takes about 2 to 3 visits to our dentist to successfully fit a crown or bridge.

1. Initially, a portion of the tooth is reshaped to accommodate the crown or bridge adequately.


2. The dentist then captures precise impressions using specialized impression materials. These are sent to a dental laboratory where a plaster model is prepared. Subsequently, the crown or bridge is crafted based on this model.


3. An exact shade is determined to ensure that the crown or bridge blends seamlessly with the adjacent teeth.


4. In the interim, usually spanning about 2 weeks between the impression and the placement, a provisional crown is set in place. This acts as a temporary shield for the reshaped tooth, ensuring its protection.

Our Services

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Materials for Crowns and Bridges

In today's dental world, there's an array of materials available for crafting crowns and bridges. Our dentist carefully assesses each individual case to determine the best option. While keeping in mind your preferences, the chosen materials can range from porcelain, metal, or a blend of both, to advanced materials like e-max, gold, and zirconium.


Cost of Crowns and Bridges

The pricing varies based on the type, materials chosen, and any additional procedures such as tooth reconstruction or specific placement methods. After the initial assessment, our dentist will provide a detailed cost estimate. If you possess dental insurance, a portion of the expenses may be covered.

Care for Crowns and Bridges

Particular attention should be paid to the gums surrounding the crown or bridge. Proper cleaning reduces the risk of plaque accumulation, which can lead to cavities and inflammation at the edge of the crown or bridge. Besides regular tooth brushing, it's advised to use toothpicks, specialized brushes, and/or dental floss. Your dentist will provide further guidance on this matter.


Lifespan of Crowns and Bridges

Typically, crowns and bridges are designed to last for a minimum of 10 years. However, their longevity can be influenced by proper care and natural wear over time.


Post-Treatment Sensitivity

After the placement of a crown or bridge, you might experience some sensitivity or mild discomfort. Typically, this is only a temporary occurrence.

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