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Dr. Veronica Stahl

Director Of The Clinic

Guy van Huiden

Practice Manager

Dr. Veronica Stahl

Director Of The Clinic
Dr. Veronica Stahl is an internationally acclaimed dental expert and entrepreneur with over two decades of experience. She studied implantology at UCL London and clinical research at Harvard, solidifying her expertise in the field. As a highly respected dental care provider in Belgium, she has made significant contributions to dentistry. Her groundbreaking work has been recognized with granted patents on innovations in dentistry in both the USA and Europe. Dr. Stahl’s commitment to advancing dental science and patient care, combined with her exceptional education, has earned her a reputation as a trailblazer in the industry.

Gideon Van Huiden

Administration manager
Guy van Huiden is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the management of multinationals. In his position as practice manager for the dental offices and Research & Development company of Euro Dent Belgium, Guy is responsible for and coordinates the internal operations of the practice. Guy uses his tremendous effort and time management skills to schedule efficient patient appointments and surgeries. Guy’s responsibilities cover a wide range of areas, including administrative organization, personnel policy, the complex process, ICT, facilities, patient contacts, legal administration and clinical research management. In short, the inevitable and impossible of internal business operations. With his expertise and dedication, Guy plays a crucial role in the success of these companies.
In his current role as the administration manager for Euro Dent Belgium offices and the Cannabite project, Gideon brings to bear his advanced organizational and time-management skills. Here, he delves into everything from logistics and patient services to legal administration and clinical research management. In Gideon, Euro Dent has a genuine professional: someone with unwavering dedication, sharp business acumen, and an authentic passion to go above and beyond. If you walk through our offices and feel a dynamic ambiance of efficiency and innovation, that’s Gideon’s influence at work.

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Welcome to our dental clinic in Antwerp, Belgium, where your oral health takes center stage. At our practice, we prioritize a personalized approach, ensuring each patient receives individualized care and attention. Our dedicated team is committed to providing top-notch dental services tailored to your unique needs.