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Endodontics (root canal treatment)

When should you opt for a root canal treatment?

Molars and teeth consist of one or more roots and a crown. What you see is the crown. You cannot see the roots. Those roots are anchored under your gums in the jaw. Through each root runs a canal called the root canal. It contains small blood vessels and nerve fibers. This tissue is also called pulp. If the tissue is or has been inflamed, the dentist will perform a root canal treatment.

Leaky fillings or tooth decay can cause your tooth tissue to become inflamed. A blow to your tooth can also be a cause. But usually bacteria are the cause of the inflammation. So do you have a toothache/toothache when drinking hot or cold drinks? This can be a first signal. The inflammation can vary from little or no complaints to severe pain.

To prevent the inflamed tooth tissue from dying, it must be removed by your dentist. If not removed, the inflammation can spread to your jawbone and the jawbone around the molars and teeth can be lost. Eventually so much jawbone can disappear that the teeth become loose or even fall out. You may notice inflammation of the jawbone as you approach.

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How soon can I contact Euro Dent?

We have no waiting times for root canal treatment. For a root canal treatment you can always contact us within a few days and in the event of calamities often even within 24 hours, even if you have been referred by your own dentist. With your permission, we schedule our appointments in such a way that there is sufficient time to start the root canal treatment immediately. The first appointment is therefore not only a consultation, but also the start of your root canal treatment.

Have you been referred by your own dentist?

If you have been referred by your own dentist for a root canal treatment endodontist, please contact us by telephone or e-mail for an appointment. Always take the referral letter and any photo with you. If your dentist has already emailed us the referral letter and any photo, you do not need to bring it with you.

What is done during a root canal treatment?

In a root canal treatment, the infected tooth tissue is removed by the dentist. Tooth tissue that is inflamed no longer heals. It is a process that is irreversible. For that reason, the dentist removes the inflamed tooth tissue. Root canal treatment is also known as canal treatment or nerve treatment. In technical terms, it refers to an endodontic treatment. Root canal treatment is done under local anaesthetic. An X-ray is always taken first.


After the dentist has analyzed this picture, she can make her diagnosis and discuss it with you. If you want to undergo the treatment, the dentist will first open your molar or tooth and remove the inflamed tissue. The canal is then cleaned with small files and rinsed with a disinfectant rinse. After this, the channels are filled. To complete the root canal treatment, the dentist will make your tooth or seal it back with a filling.


1- The pick is open

2- The dentist cleans the root canals with a special file

3- The root canals are closed with filling material and the molar is equipped with a filling

4- Some time later the inflammation has disappeared


If two appointments are required for the root canal treatment, the process is in two stages. The dentist also makes one or more X-rays during and / or after the root canal treatment, so that she can follow the progress well.


If the tooth is weakened, a crown may be needed at a later stage. A tooth that has been treated in this way often lasts a long time. If you have been referred to us by your own dentist, your dentist will receive a report with photos from us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can root canal treatment be performed on any molar or tooth?

Unfortunately, performing a root canal treatment is sometimes no longer useful because there are complications. In that case, the tooth often has to be removed. If this is the case

Does root canal treatment hurt?

Because you are put under anesthesia, we work with modern equipment and our dentist as a specialist has now performed more than 15,000 root canal treatments, a root canal treatment is hardly painful or not at all.

How long does a root canal treatment take?

This depends on the number of root canals and their complexity. Usually teeth have one root. They often have more to choose from. The treatment time can therefore vary from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. Sometimes root canal treatment can be completed in one go. Sometimes you have to come back once or in exceptional cases several times. The follow-up treatment then takes place approximately one to two weeks after the first treatment.


About six months later you will come back for a short consultation. A photo is then taken of the treated tooth / molar to see if the inflammation has disappeared. You may no longer have any discomfort, but there is still something visible on the X-ray. This appointment and photo is therefore very important. Fortunately, it is almost always the case that everything is in order. If you have been referred to us by your own dentist, he will always receive a final report from us with photos.

Does root canal treatment still cause pain afterwards?

After cleaning the root canals, you may experience pain that can last for several days. The after-pain can be suppressed with a good painkiller. In principle, an antibiotic is not necessary. It is very rare that the after-pain is severe. In those cases it is best to contact us. The dentist will then want to see you again to review and remedy the situation and, if indicated, prescribe an antibiotic.

Can a tooth discolor after a root canal treatment?

Normally, a tooth does not discolor after a root canal treatment. If discoloration does occur, this can usually be remedied by the dentist. There are various options for this, it is best to contact us or, if you have been referred, your own dentist.

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Ik ben altijd erg sceptisch geweest over wortelkanaalbehandeling, maar Dr. Veronica en het personeel hebben me er doorheen geholpen. Alles is daar top!

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Ik had mijn eerste wortelkanaalbehandeling bij Eurodent, en het is onnodig te zeggen dat het voltallige personeel uitzonderlijk was met het hele proces. Dr. Veronica legde de hele procedure op een heel vriendelijke en zachte manier uit. Ik raad Eurodent ten zeerste aan als je in de buurt van de Prins Leopoldlei woont.

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Dr. Veronica is zo goed als maar kan! De hele wortelkanaalbehandeling was volledig pijnloos, want ze heeft geweldig werk geleverd. Als u endodontisch werk nodig heeft, bent u bij Eurodent aan het juiste adres!

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