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CannIBite Life Long project supported by VLAIO

CannIBite Precision Oral Care

About Us

Today, oral diseases affect some 3.5 billion people worldwide. Dental plaque and tooth decay are an ever-present threat, while oral microorganisms also contribute to the transmission of viral and bacterial diseases.


Although the majority of these health problems are preventable and treatable, most oral care products are not truly effective.


This is why Dr. Veronica Stahl decided to found CANNIBITE – the Belgium-based innovative oral healthcare company committed to presenting consumers and medical professionals with proven products that will transform dental care forever.


Led by Dr. Stahl, a life-long dental practitioner and acclaimed research scientist, CANNIBITE has attracted an experienced management team with significant international business and dental industry expertise.


The company has already launched its own advanced R&D laboratory and developed a range of consumer care products that have been rigorously tested in cooperation with a state-of-the-art European dental practice.


These products have generated impressive clinical results, and in 2019 CANNIBITE was awarded a grant from the Agentschap Innoveren en Ondernemen (VLAIO) Flemish government for continued R&D activity.


Innovation and intellectual property form the core of the CANNIBITE business model, leveraging the powerful proprietary Microbial Oral Shield formula developed by leading experts.


The company’s safe, effective, and affordable cannabinoid-based
formulations are ready for market launch as a patented system that offers all the unique benefits of personalized medicine.


CANNIBITE is now on track to become a global market leader in cannabinoid-based oral care products, medical devices, therapeutic solutions, and pharmaceutical products.

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