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Is there anything more uncomfortable than waking up in the middle of the night with a toothache or a fallen crown? Or having trouble eating due to swollen gums? There’s no reason to panic! All of your dental emergencies can be handled by our emergency services!

You can count on Euro-Dent to take care of your dental emergency – whether you’re an existing or new patient.

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Why Choose Euro-dent for Dental Emergency?

When a dental emergency arises, we know how important it is to see a dentist as soon as possible. Infections and damaged teeth all demand immediate dental treatment before they become a severe issue. 

Euro-Dent is more than just a dentist emergency practice. It is a team of dentists who specialize in emergency dental care for walk-in patients. We are committed to helping patients when urgent dentists are required. So, give us a call, no matter if it’s mornings, evenings, or weekends.

Two clinics at your service



In the dental world, pain is never good news, as it can indicate a variety of illnesses, such as decay. Toothaches may require emergency treatment indicating certain signs – such as swelling – call for immediate attention.


Chipped or broken teeth

The pain of a chipped or broken tooth can ruin even the prettiest smile. In some cases, fractures are not painful, but if the crack extends into the root, it is likely to cause severe discomfort and might need an emergency dentist service check-up.


Lost filling or crown

Fillings and crowns restore the appearance and function of previously damaged teeth. When they break, you need to treat them immediately to prevent further damage or infection.



Infections of the mouth, particularly at the gum line and the root of a tooth, are serious. These can spread to nearby teeth and gum tissue and even to the rest of the body if not treated by an emergency dentist.


Dislodged or Loose Teeth

Trauma or decay can dislodge or loosen teeth from their sockets, but it may be possible to save them. Thus, without delay, call emergency service for quick action on your tooth and nerve damage.


Avulsed tooth (tooth knocked out)

An emergency dentist should be consulted if a tooth is knocked out of the mouth completely. Damage occurs when a tooth exits the mouth, affecting the surrounding nerves and blood vessels.

How to calm down a patient during a dental emergency?

A dental emergency can happen to you or someone you know anytime. Knowing what you can do for yourself or what you can do for someone else is important. In the event of an urgent dental problem, follow these tips while you await treatment.

Suggest breathing deeply: Before you take any action, get control of the situation and calm yourself and the patient. Suggesting them to take deep breaths is a great way to do this. This creates composure and allows you to evaluate the case to determine how to proceed. 

Access the situation: If you can see the tooth detached from the mouth, heavy bleeding, or swelling, take a closer look to assess what the issue is. Is the tooth broken, or has it fallen out? The next step should be taken if the tooth is not intact.

Safely store the tooth: If the patient had a tooth knocked out but could save it, store it somewhere safe so you can bring it with you to our urgent dentist hospital.

How do we handle dental emergencies after clinic hours?

We at Euro-Dent strive to handle most dental emergencies compassionately and quickly.

To give the best possible assistance, our dental emergency process involves the following 3 steps:

Call Us to make a quick appointment »

We always reserve 45 minutes of chair time. 

Fill in the form

Once you are in for a consultation, you’ll be given a medical form to fill in.


After completing the formalities, you will be sent to our emergency dentist, and according to your consultation, the tests and treatment will be suggested.


We address dental care emergencies exclusively from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., 5 days a week. The reservation fee, which includes any radiological recordings, is €195.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get emergency dental care services?

You can reach out to Euro-Dent. If you need an emergency appointment in Antwerpen, Belgium, our dentists will do their best to arrange a last-minute appointment for you. We reserve some appointments for same-day appointments for emergency situations, so please call as early as possible in the day.
Dentists who specialize in emergency care can quickly diagnose and determine what treatment a variety of emergency needs require. With a general dentist, the procedure can be difficult to schedule the same-day treatment is required, but an emergency dentist specializes in providing patients with prompt treatment.

A dentist is not generally on staff in hospital emergency rooms. Emergency room patients are usually given antibiotics or pain medications and told to contact their dentist.

You should contact your dentist if you think you need emergency dental care. As dentists often hold predicted slots just for such cases or may refer you to a practice that has dental emergency services like Euro-Dent, it may be possible to get treated this way quickly.
Emergency root canals often require dentist rushed visits. The procedure serves two purposes: removing infection or damage from the pulp and restoring the tooth, either with a crown or another dental restoration procedure.
At Euro-Dent, you don’t have to worry about the lingo barriers and find the best English-speaking dentists in Belgium. We have experts with significant experience in serving patients in the English language.