Oral Hygiene and Breakthrough Research

by Dr. Veronica Stahl​


Oral hygiene plays an indispensable role in keeping your teeth, molars, and gums in prime condition, minimizing the risk of dental issues such as toothaches and gum inflammation (like periodontitis and gingivitis) or speeding up their healing


Healthy Gums​

Characterized by their pink hue, healthy gums snugly encircle the teeth and do not bleed during brushing. Together with the jawbone, gums form the foundational support for your teeth. The healthier they are, the longer your teeth and molars will retain their vigor.


Inflamed Gums​

If your gums often bleed, appear red, or are swollen, they might be inflamed, termed as gingivitis. While typically painless, it might render your gums sensitive during brushing, or lead to a foul taste in the mouth.

Bleeding Gums​

Persistent gum bleeding might indicate an impending gum disease, often resulting from the accumulation of plaque on teeth. If left untreated, plaque can evolve into tartar, fostering an environment for further plaque adhesion. Specialized tablets, available at our dental clinic and pharmacies, can highlight plaque deposits, guiding enhanced cleaning


Ensuring Gum Health​

Optimal oral hygiene is achieved by brushing twice daily, complemented by regular usage of toothpicks, brushes, or dental floss. While mouthwashes aid in plaque removal, they aren't a replacement for routine care or dental treatments. Pioneering research by Dr. Veronica Stahl led to patented formulations that significantly counteract dental tartar. Such innovations not only elevate oral well-being but also stave off broader health concerns linked to dental tartar.


Factors Impacting Your Gums

Known adversaries like smoking can impede gum recuperation, accelerating jawbone degradation. Chronic stress, too, can amplify gum inflammation risks. Special populations, including pregnant women and diabetics, are more susceptible to gum diseases. Hence, maintaining rigorous oral hygiene is paramount, especially for these groups


Advanced Gum Issues​

Severe gum inflammation can jeopardize the jawbone. It manifests in the form of widening gaps between the teeth and gums, escalating tartar risk. Consequently, gums might recede, exposing roots and potentially leading to sensitivity. In advanced stages, this condition is labeled periodontitis, which in extreme cases can culminate in tooth loss. Our dentists utilize pocket probes to gauge the gap depth, determining the inflammation severity.

STOP Oral Care Products: A Revolution in Dental Hygiene

STOP oral care products stand distinctively apart from conventional dental care products. These formulations are not just mere mixtures but are meticulously crafted by dentists with an unparalleled attention to their lasting effectiveness. The standout difference between STOP products and others on the market is their unique mechanism of action. Rather than just eliminating bacteria, these products inhibit bacterial communication, effectively disrupting their coordination. This remarkable property is attributed to an ingredient derived from hemp, namely cannabidiol (CBD). Not only does this make the products safe, but it also offers a pioneering approach to oral health. Furthermore, the healing prowess of STOP oral care products is remarkably boosted by the incorporation of Dead Sea salt, renowned for its rich mineral content. These minerals expedite the healing process, making recovery swift and comprehensive. In essence, STOP oral care products don’t just clean; they provide long-lasting protection and promote healing, setting a new benchmark in oral care.

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