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Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene

Good oral hygiene keeps your teeth, molars and gums healthy. In this way you reduce the chance of toothache / toothache and inflamed gums (periodontitis and gingivitis) or you promote their healing.


Healthy gums

You can recognize healthy gums by the pink color, the tight fit around the teeth and no bleeding when brushing. The gums, together with the jawbone, form the basis of your teeth. The healthier your gums, the longer your molars and teeth will stay healthy.


Inflamed gums

If your gums bleed frequently, are red, and/or swollen, it’s often inflamed (gingivitis). This is often not painful, but can be sensitive when brushing your teeth, for example, and it can also cause a bad taste in the mouth.

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bloedend tandvlees

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums can be a sign that you have or may develop gum disease. Persistent gum bleeding can be due to plaque buildup on the teeth. It can also be a sign of a serious medical condition.


Plaque is often the cause of gum disease. If you don’t clean your teeth properly, the bacteria in the plaque can cause gum disease. Over time, plaque can turn into tartar, which in turn adheres to plaque. In our dental practice and at the pharmacy you can buy small red tablets that leave a color on the teeth where plaque is present, so that you can better clean these areas.

Bad gums

If the gums are severely inflamed, it can spread to the jawbone. This happens when the inflammation is such that there are larger spaces between the tooth and the gums. Breakdown of jaw bone, in turn, leads to deeper spaces between teeth and gums and increases the risk of tartar. The gums can recede, revealing roots. This does not always cause pain, but it does cause sensitive teeth when eating and drinking.


In the above situation we speak of periodontitis. Our dentist can measure the space between your teeth and gums with a pocket probe and based on this determine the degree of inflammation. In very severe cases, periodontitis can lead to tooth loss.

Ontstoken tandvlees

Taking care of your gums

Good oral hygiene consists of brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Daily use of toothpicks, brushes and/or dental floss is also very important. Mouthwash facilitates the removal of plaque, but is certainly not a substitute for daily maintenance and / or treatments at the dentist.


Good oral hygiene leads to healthy gums, prevents and/or reduces existing inflammation and allows the gums to heal. Our dentist will advise you on the best way to care for your teeth. In addition, it is important to visit our dentist regularly for a (semi) annual check-up, during which the tartar that you cannot remove yourself is removed.

Factors Affecting Your Gums


In addition to the known drawbacks, smoking can also damage your gums. It slows the recovery of inflammation and the jawbone breaks down twice as fast as non-smokers. Prolonged stress can also lead to severely inflamed gums (periodontitis).


Pregnant women and people with diabetes also have an increased risk of gum disease. So in all cases, but certainly in these cases, it is very important to ensure good oral hygiene.

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 by Margarita Morris

Ik had mijn eerste tandartsbezoek bij Eurodent om mijn tanden te laten poetsen, en Dr. Veronica legde het belang van een goede mondhygiëne op een heel zachte manier uit. Het niveau van zorg dat u bij Eurodent krijgt, is verbluffend!

 by Teresa Carr

Ik had al geruime tijd ontstoken tandvlees en ze gaven me kleine rode tabletten om de tandplak van mijn tanden te verwijderen. De tablets werkten als magie!

 by Jenny Hamilton

Ik was voor het eerst te gast bij Eurodent en voelde me welkom op het moment dat ik binnenkwam. Ik had een grondige schoonmaakprocedure en die was pijnloos. Bedankt, Dr. Veronica en personeel!

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