Top 10 Benefits of Dental Implants

Voordelen van Tandimplantaten

Implant dentistry is a highly advanced and effective tooth replacement procedure that is quite popular today. Despite being an expensive treatment, countless people receive implants every year. Exclusively designed to look and function like a normal tooth, they enhance the overall aesthetic of your smile and face. Dental implants have several advantages, let’s take a look at them.

Can last a lifetime

If a good care routine is followed, implants are expected to last a lifetime. They have a 98% success rate considering all aspects such as implant position and can be easily used as a long-term tooth replacement solution. The grooming routine mainly includes brushing, flossing and regular dental checkups , normally every six months.

Prevents bone loss

Every time you lose teeth, the chances of bone loss are high. The jawbone needs the stimulation it gets when your teeth connect to maintain its mass. Therefore, implantology is the only tooth replacement option that works naturally for jaw stimulations and ultimately prevents bone loss.

Supports adjacent teeth

Dental implants support adjacent teeth and fill the gap caused by a missing tooth. The gap pulls your teeth out of position, leading to misalignment. For example, if there is a gap between your teeth, it can cause the adjacent teeth on either side to tip or shift toward the gap. Implants keep adjacent teeth stable and in good condition.

Features like natural teeth

The biggest advantage of implants is that it improves the overall chewing ability. The function and appearance of implants feel close to natural teeth, making it difficult for patients to tell the difference. You can brush and floss them normally!

Restores bite force

Implants are anchored in the jaw using a titanium post, replacing the root. Since implants work like original teeth, they allow you to apply almost the same amount of force while biting and chewing.

Prevents sagging of the skin

The bone loss or loss of teeth can easily lead to facial sagging and eventually aging. The phenomenon also prevents signs such as thinning of the lips, wrinkles around the lips, a falling chin, supporting your face to change shape.

Prevents gum disease

A missing tooth can be a hiding place for germs and bacteria resulting from the trapped food. It can easily lead to cavities and other gum disease. Therefore, implants avoid the sign of gum disease, but they also need proper care.


Implants are very convenient to use because you don’t have to remove them like dentures. They can also be placed all at once and have a very easy grooming routine.

Increases comfort level

Because they are primarily a permanent and long-term replacement solution, they become a part of you and take away any type of discomfort that may result in another form of treatment, such as a removable denture.

Improves appearance and speech

Because implants are designed to fuse with the bones, they look and feel like natural teeth, enhancing the overall strength of your smile. And since you are aware that it looks flawless, it helps you speak without worry. For example, other treatment options, such as dentures, negatively affect your speech, making it difficult to pronounce some words correctly. Therefore, implants allow you to speak more naturally, ultimately developing a level of confidence and increasing your self-esteem, improving your social skills and performance.

All in all, dental implants are nevertheless a permanent solution to tooth loss, making it one of the best dental treatments out there. If you are considering implantological treatment, make an dental appointment with us.

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