10 Simple Teeth Cleaning Tips Recommended by the Endodontist

tips voor het reinigen van tanden aanbevolen door de endodontist

What is one thing you and your endodontist have in common? A great laugh! And a great smile comes with great oral hygiene.

To protect that megawatt smile, a good dental cleaning is important in life. Simply because dirty tooth surfaces can lead to multiple oral problems! 


Why is brushing your teeth so important?


There are several reasons why taking care of your gums and teeth is as essential as any other daily routine, such as eating or bathing. The first are bacteria that cause tooth and gum decay. These can get into your bloodstream and harm the rest of your body, including your heart.

Second, healthy teeth help you keep your oral hygiene intact into old age. Not so long ago, tooth loss was accepted as the fundamental side effect of aging. This is simply no longer the case. If you plan to keep your teeth or avoid having to have a dental implant and want happy experienced dental services in life, good oral hygiene is a must today!

Healthy gums and healthy white teeth are more attractive than damaged or discolored gums and teeth. Regular routines for cleaning your teeth can keep making a major contribution to the white of your pearls and pink keep your gums and prevent a bad breath.

That is why it is crucial, in addition to a regular visit to a well-equipped dental practice, to apply the following 10 tips yourself :


10 Tips for Cleaning Teeth


Cleaning teeth, whether at home or through dental services by a dentist, aims to remove plaque, stains and tartar that build upon the teeth.

Our oral care expert Dr. Veronica Stahl suggests that professional cleaning of your teeth every 6-12 months helps reduce the risk of chronic periodontitis. Nevertheless, good oral hygiene at home is also essential to prevent long-term oral diseases.

  1. Brush in the morning –

During the time you sleep, your mouth builds up a lack of fluid and saliva. Saliva is vital in flushing out harmful pathogens from your mouth. This is why brushing your teeth early in the morning helps to clean your mouth.

  1. Brush before going to sleep –

The food you eat accumulates between your teeth and causes germs and bacteria. That is why dentists recommend brushing twice a day . Preferably after eating and before going to sleep.

  1. Brushing and flossing – 

Good brushing is the most important thing with every brushing . Brush in gentle circular motions for about 4 minutes for a thorough clean. Remember to always use a soft brush.

Aside from brushing , flossing is equally important when it comes to cleaning the gumline and preventing periodontal disease .

  1. Use a tongue cleaner – 

The use of a tongue cleaner is an important step in your oral care routine that should not be neglected, along with rinsing, brushing and flossing.

The dirt that builds up between your taste buds can damage your teeth. That is why a good tongue cleaning prevents this dirt, removes bad odors and gives a refreshing feeling.

  1. Use fluoride-based toothpaste.

Make sure for when shopping for toothpaste that your toothpaste contains an ingredient called sodium fluoride. This ingredient is known for keeping the surfaces of your teeth clean, removing plaque and preventing cavities for healthy teeth and gums.

  1. Using a mouthwash –

It is a must for good mouthwash to your daily dental hygiene add! Mouthwash not only helps with bad breath, but even minimizes tooth damage caused by acids.

  1. Add healthy foods to your diet –

Another easy way to keep your teeth clean, prevent cavities and keep your teeth healthy is to eat foods that are good for your teeth or have a lot of fiber. That is, foods with a high nutritional value.

This includes raw fruits and vegetables and dairy products.

  1. Stay hydrated –

Drink water regularly to flush out the microorganisms that are harmful to your teeth. Drink water after dinner to undo the impact of acids . Or rinse with mouthwash as needed.

  1. Regular visits to your dentist

Making regular appointments with your dentist for dental services also plays an important role in good oral health . Think of this as a preventive check-up. Your dentist will fully examine your mouth and teeth for signs of plaque and tartar , cavities, or gum disease.

  1. Fewer sugary snacks –

This is one of the easiest tips from an endodontist . All sweet-tasting foods contain synthetic or natural sugars. These sugar molecules are then converted as acids in your mouth, damaging the tooth root . Try to avoid the following:

  •         milk chocolate
  •         fast food
  •         Cookies
  •         Bread
  •         Breakfast cereals
  •         Sugary drinks



Anyone who wants a great smile and perfect oral hygiene should follow these tips for cleaning teeth!

However, remember that even with these teeth cleaning tools, one of the most important methods for a healthy, whiter smile is to see your endodontist if professional cleaning is needed.

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