5 Home Remedies to Calm Down Inflamed Gums

5 Home Remedies to Calm Down Inflamed Gums 1

The gums are an important aspect of dental health that is sometimes overlooked. While many individuals concentrate on their teeth and cavity prevention, it is equally important to consider gum problems like swelling and inflammation. 

If neglected, inflamed gums can cause serious oral health and overall health damage. There are many reasons a gum can sore and should be addressed as quickly as possible.


The reason behind Inflamed/Swollen Gums 


Let’s look at some potential causes of swollen or Inflamed gums:



The most typical cause of swollen gums is gingivitis. It’s a gum condition that causes your gums to swell and become inflamed. Because the symptoms of gingivitis can be relatively mild, thus many people are unaware that they have it. But, on the other hand, if left untreated, gingivitis can cause periodontitis, a far more dangerous condition that can result in tooth loss.

Gingivitis occurs due to poor dental hygiene, enabling the plaque to accumulate on the gum line and teeth. Plaque is a bacterial and food-particle-laden coating that forms on the teeth over time.


Another reason for inflamed gums can be a vitamin deficiency, particularly vitamins B and C. Vitamin C, for example, is essential for maintaining and repairing your gums & teeth. Scurvy might develop if your vitamin C levels are too low. Anemia and gum disease are both symptoms of scurvy.


Swollen gums can be associated with infections caused by fungus and viruses. Thrush is one such naturally occurring yeast infection in the mouth that causes gum swelling. 

Additionally, a dental problem, or localized gum swelling, can result from untreated tooth decay.


Side Effect of Medication

Swollen or inflamed gums are sometimes a side effect of some medicines. For example, certain blood pressure drugs, immunosuppressants, oral contraceptives, and chemotherapy treatments have all been associated with swollen gums.

A dentistry check-up might be needed if your gums inflame as a result of a certain medication. Your dentist may suggest a specific dental care routine to assist alleviate any discomfort and keep your teeth clean around the swelling gums.


What is the fastest way to heal inflamed gums?


Brush up on your brushing technique: Brush intensely to avoid harming the tissue around your teeth, which can cause gum inflammation. Gum damage may also be avoided by using a brush with soft nylon bristles. Finally, be sure to brush in a moderate back-and-forth motion.

Floss diligently: Flossing eliminates food particles stuck between your teeth, which can lead to plaque & tartar build-up, eventually causing gum disease and inflamed gums. To avoid that, gently floss your teeth.

Rinse regularly: Rinsing your mouth with warm water removes food debris and carbohydrates that promote gum disease along with dental plaque. So, try rinsing after each meal intake. 

It’s also vital to use a mouthwash designed specifically for your gums; try microbial oral shield mouthwash by STOP as part of your dental hygiene routine. It helps in the neutralization of plaque bacteria and reduces early symptoms of gum disease such as gingivitis.

Improve your nutrition: Gum health can be maintained by eating a well-balanced diet. Ensure to consume sufficient Vitamin C and calcium since these nutrients minimize the probability of swollen gums.

De-Stress: High levels of stress, particularly the hormone cortisol, might affect your hormone levels. In addition, inflammation and potentially swollen gums can be caused by cortisol. Thus, try to stay stress-free as much as possible.  


Home Remedies for Swollen Gums

Luckily, inflamed gums can quite easily be treated at home to reverse early gum disease. You can start treating the inflammation by taking the 

Following home remedies to bring your gums and mouth back in good health.


  1. Essential oils

Chamomile oil, peppermint oil, and tea tree oil are all excellent remedies for gum issues. This essential oil relieves swelling and discomfort in the gums to a large amount. These essential oils can also assist with toothache treatment. Two drops of Chamomile Oil, Peppermint Oil, and Tea Tree Oil are added to the warm water combination. Warm water is used to rinse the mouth thoroughly. 


  1. Aloe vera

 Aloe vera is another suitable treatment for both bleeding and inflamed gums. Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities will help to calm your gums. Massage the aloe vera gel into your gums for 1-2 minutes after extracting it from the plant. Rinse well with lukewarm water, and repeat the practice a few times a day for optimum effects.


  1. Turmeric Powder

 Turmeric has plenty of therapeutic effects due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics, including pain reduction, swelling control, and bacteria removal in the mouth. To make a paste: Combine 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder with water. Apply the paste to your gums, wait 10 minutes, and then massage your gums for a minute.


  1. Warm or Cold Compress

This method helps in reducing discomfort and provides immediate relief from swollen gums. Take a clean towel and soak it in lukewarm water for 5 minutes before applying it to your face. Then soak the towel in cold water and press it on your gums until they are numb. Instead of putting the compresses in your mouth, hold them up against your face. To get relief, repeat the cycle as many times as necessary.


  1. Salt Water


Salt is another effective remedy for sore gums as it inhibits the growth of germs and protects against infection. Begin teeth cleaning with a soft-bristled brush, then rub a pinch of salt between your fingertips. Next, rinse it out with warm water after massaging it on your gums for a few seconds. Repeat three times a week.



Swollen gums are always unpleasant. Most of the time, it’s something you can handle on your own. However, when at-home treatments fail, it’s time to call in for professional help. 

 Your dentist may simply recommend an oral rinse or a specific type of toothpaste to help prevent gingivitis and decrease plaque, depending on the severity of your inflamed gums, and even suggest antibiotic treatment if needed. 

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