7 Tips For A Quick Recovery After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

7 Tips Quick Recovery After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Modern living conditions and evolution have rendered the important third molars obsolete. Besides being referred to as wisdom teeth, they are a series of four molars that begin to erupt in the mouth after age 17.

The evolution of wisdom teeth has also brought to light a problem that not all of us have the space in our mouths to accommodate them. As a result, we end up having more problems than we solve.

Thus wisdom teeth are frequently removed from our mouths to prevent them from growing in inconvenient different positions .
The procedure is one of the most common procedures in the dental arena. Making sure the wound is properly cared for and healing is fast. A person may need a couple of weeks to recover from surgery fully.

The following tips are designed to help you recover from wisdom tooth extraction. Brussels has great dentists who can help you heal faster and with no issues so that you can get out into your daily life ASAP!

Recovery Tips After Care for Wisdom Tooth Extraction

1. Stay away from hard foods

A nutritious diet is even more important after getting your wisdom teeth removed. Foods rich in nutrients can help reduce swelling and lower the chance of developing complications. They will also accelerate the healing process of your body’s wounds.

Because you’ve suffered a cut, it is best to keep eating soft and easy-to-chew food items. This includes blended soups, broths, mashed vegetable avocados, Jell-O, and jellies.

2. Rinse with recommended mouthwash

To keep your wound clean, rinse your mouth with the dentist’s recommended mouthwash for 48 hours. The following are some tips you can follow to help you recover after wisdom teeth extraction:

  • Pain, swelling, and trismus can be reduced with photobiomodulation therapy
  • Make sure your mouth doesn’t dry out
  • Rest well
  • Don’t overuse medications

3. Monitor Your Bleeding

It is normal to have some minor bleeding on the first day and day following the extraction procedure. It is possible to see some redness in your saliva after rinsing. It is best to wash first and then put gauze pads on the area to reduce bleeding. To stop bleeding, it is recommended to stand up straight and refrain from vigorous exercises for a couple of days.

Also, you should avoid over-spilling to prevent the blood clot from getting removed from the socket. This can generate a complication named “ dry socket “and can hinder recovery.

4. Use an Icepack

A common method of reducing the discomfort associated with wisdom teeth removal is to ice your cheeks and jaw after the procedure. The medicines may also help reduce any swelling and bruising resulting from the surgery.

During the first 36 to 48 hours following surgery, get as much rest as possible. If the extraction site is located on the side of the body, apply an ice pack for 15 to 20 minutes. Icing your face again after letting it rest for 20 minutes will ensure that your face gets the maximum benefit from the cold treatment.

5. Avoid using Tobacco

Products containing Nicotine can affect your recovery, whether you are a smoker or a chewer of tobacco. Smoking can also lead to a dry socket, which will cause you to experience a slow and arduous recovery process. To prevent this, make sure you do not use tobacco products for at least a week after the surgery if you use tobacco products at all.

6. Practice basic Oral Hygiene

The dentist may permit brushing of your teeth the night before the surgery. Use a gentle brush when cleaning the area closest to the surgical area, though. This will prevent the blood clots from becoming detached.

Rinse your mouth the next day after the procedure. In this case, you should use your dentist’s recommended mouthwash. Try this at least 5 times throughout the day, particularly at the end of every meal.

7. Take advice from your dentist or oral surgeon

The best way to ensure a quick and easy recovery is to consult a dentist or an oral surgeon. Your dentist will handle each patient’s case differently, so they’ll be able to guide you with specific instructions relating to your problem/ case. Make sure you follow any postoperative instructions offered by your surgeon.


The following is the ultimate list of wisdom teeth removal recovery tips you must follow after the procedure. The recovery process for severe complications is extremely rare, but you want to heal as fast as possible. After having your wisdom tooth extracted, you should keep these dos and don’ts in mind following your procedure.

Are you still concerned about the possible side effects or getting a dental treatment under anesthesia? You needn’t worry, since our Euro Dent team is here to help you with a speedy recovery post wisdom tooth extraction surgery. Get in touch with us to arrange your wisdom tooth removal as soon as possible.

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