9 Myths about Dental Implants

myths about dental implant



Are you scared of getting a dental implant? We understand there are thousands of questions showering in your head. Let us help you clear a few myths about dental implants. 


Dental Implant Myths


Myth 1: Implants are risky


In more than 90% of cases, dental implants are successfully fused with the bone. A 96% success rate is not uncommon. In rare cases, if the implant becomes loose, your oral surgeon will remove the implant and place a new implant to better integrate with the bone. 


Almost anyone who has lost one tooth, a few teeth, or even all teeth is ideal for dental implants. There are very few situations that are not suitable for dental implants. 


Myth 2: Dental implant treatment is too painful


Like any other oral surgery, the implant placement process may cause some postoperative pain. However, many implant patients commented that they were surprised that the pain and discomfort after treatment were minor. If the patient is particularly anxious about treatment, it can be done under sedation. 


Once the screw in teeth is implanted, the new tooth will remain attached to the implant and not in the gums, thus avoiding aggravating the surgical site. Compared to traditional dentures or other treatments, this results in less pain and a shorter duration of discomfort. 


Myth 3: Dental implants cause health problems


The only thing that hinders elderly dental implant treatment is general medical care. Few medical conditions can prevent treatment. However, surprisingly, few medical conditions restrict the provision of dental implant treatment. 


Myth 4: Dental implants require more care than natural teeth


The person will need to undergo extensive dental examinations for the surgeon to determine whether they are suitable for the best dental implants. Dental implants are successful in about 95% of the cases. It brings a better quality of life to many people. If a person has any worrying symptoms after the treatment, you must see a dentist.


Myth 5: How many bones are required for a dental implant? 


A complete dental examination is required, including a 3D CT scan to determine the current bone level. CT scans are costly equipment and only a few dental implant clinics in mortsel are equipped with such equipment on site. Your dentist probably does not have one, so it is essential to scan before implants are placed. 


Myth 6: It is impossible to grow permanent teeth in one day


This is incorrect. All patients should make an appointment for a preliminary consultation and evaluation before the operation. 


Still, once the treatment plan is agreed upon, the operation can be completed in one day. The doctor arrives in the morning and meets for the first time with the implant dentist. If tooth extraction is required, the surgeon will extract these teeth and place implants. 


During the implantation process, our on-site dental laboratory will complete the production of your new tooth. The dentist then installs the new teeth on the implants and makes the final adjustments to ensure your bite is correct and your smile is beautiful. 


Myth 7:Are dental implants affordable?


Over the years, the dental implant price has dropped to a more reasonable level. Also, financing options are available if needed so that you can share the cost of treatment. 


Myth 8: Only the elderly can install dental implants


There is no restriction on age for an individual to get a dental implant done. They can be installed from the age of 18. The main reasons are missing teeth and unwillingness to wear removable prostheses or bridges.


Myth 9: Dental implants look fake


If the operation is correct, no one will know that you have a dental implant. The actual implant is buried under the gums, so it should not be visible. The denture is attached to it. The ceramic dental implants are made of all-ceramic materials and should not be different from dentures. The experts closely examine various factors like teeth color, shape, and size, and do the implant job accordingly.




We hope the blog was helpful for you and helped you step out of the world of misconceptions. Meet our experts at the best dental implant clinic in mortsel and give your mouth a whole new look. Contact today. 

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