Comparison: Full Mouth Restoration vs Smile Makeover

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About full-mouth restoration


full mouth restoration will provide a more aesthetically pleasing smile, but it will also resolve underlying issues that affect oral health and functionality. In addition to crowns and veneers, a full mouth restoration may also include:

  • Root canal repair to help with infected teeth.
  • Tooth removal of all teeth that are beyond repair and cannot be corrected with a passage .
  • Dental implants with smart dental clinic Antwerp using titanium rods and crowns to teeth replacement and give a natural look to a lifetime last .
  • dental bridges , which contain three or more crowns to replace multiple missing teeth.

By combining these treatments as needed, patients can transform their oral health to a much better smile and a healthy, fully functional mouth free of pain.

If you’re ashamed of your smile, or reluctant to face big work , you’ll be surprised to discover how easy it often is to enjoy the results of a before and after full mouth reconstruction .

Difference between full-mouth repair and smile makeover based on the following factors



In general, a smile makeover focuses more on the look of the smile. This is often useful for patients whose teeth are functional but have cosmetic problems that need repair.

In contrast, full mouth repair solves mouth repair problems that are also cosmetically functional. This is often used in patients with more extensive damage to their teeth. However, there is overlap between the 2 and it is not always easy to categorize a series of procedures as a smile makeover or full mouth reconstruction.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedures


Every complete oral restoration procedure is personal . Treatment is personalized to meet the patient ‘s specific oral health needs. Some of the restorative dentistry treatments that are often combined to achieve complete oral reconstruction are:

  • Dental fillings
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Periodontal treatment (treatment of gum disease) treatments for
  • Dental implants or other tooth loss




There are many treatment options available for patients who wish to enhance their smile through a smile makeover – over procedure . Taking into account the cosmetic flaws that need to be addressed, a smile makeover treatment can include any combination of the following treatments:


  • Porcelain veneers
  • Porcelain crowns
  • Tooth bonding
  • Teeth whitening
  • Gum contours




When you plan to invest in procedures such as full tooth restoration or a smile makeover, the prices will be proportional to the quality of service you are looking for. The full mouth restoration with porcelain crowns varies greatly with that of a smile makeover .




The need for a full mouth restoration may arise if the person has occasionally experienced tooth loss due to tooth decay or trauma, which may have broken or damaged their teeth .


Whereas, when we talk about a smile makeover, everyone can go for the same thing . The smile makeover procedure will help you gain confidence and eliminate dental problems such as overlapping teeth and causing serious problems in the future.




As you might have guessed, a smile makeover is more aesthetically oriented and aids in teeth whitening . It can help a patient who wants to drastically improve the appearance of their smile, be it teeth whitening, repairing minor chips or holes, restoring damaged teeth, or all of the above. The top result should be a flawless smile that looks like the one you would see in movies and TV.


While a full mouth restoration can also achieve this, it improves the function and appearance of the teeth. This is often where the two treatments diverge. A person in need of a smile makeover will have teeth that function as they should, allowing them to eat and talk in comfort. However, if they have a full mouth reconstruction , this may not be the case.


Patients who may benefit from dental procedures, such as full mouth reconstruction, usually have fundamental problems with their teeth , whether it be broken teeth, missing teeth, or problems with their neck alignment. The primary part of a full mouth reconstruction is intended to support a patient’s oral function normally. Then a dentist can go ahead and improve how their smile looks.


Can you cover a full mouth repair under any insurance?


If you have full reconstruction insurance , you can certainly use it . Make sure you need a valid insurance card for your first appointment . Your dental practice’s financial coordinator or insurance specialist will estimate out-of-pocket costs after your treatment plan has been established.


He or she will then sit down with you to explain the costs and payment options. First, you need to make decisions, such as whether to pay your wallet for all-ceramic restorations in your mouth or, to reduce your personal expenses, choose metal restorations that are covered by your insurance plan.




Whether you’re going for a full mouth repair or a smile makeover, make sure you choose the right specialist to get the job done as it can affect your entire look. dr. Veronica Stahl has over 25 years of experience in the same field. You can contact the expert in : the dental clinic antwerp whenever you want.

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